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Mount Vernon Presbyterian School senior recruited to speak at Microsoft conference. | News

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Mount Vernon Presbyterian School senior recruited to speak at Microsoft conference.

ATLANTA -- Imagine at 17 years old receiving an email from Microsoft recruiting you as a keynote speaker at a conference in front of 5,000 people in the audience and more online.

It happened to Aidan C. Brady, 17, a rising senior at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, and it's clear it's a moment he seemed destined to experience from an early age.

"We would give him toys and other people would give him toys, but he did not play with them, so we put them in a closet and gave him screw driver and wrenches all the time," said Aiden's mom, Maria Brady.


His parents had to watch him carefully as he took screw out of electrical outlets, but he finally graduated to taking apart old TVs, computers and fans.

"At first, it was all about just taking it apart, but once he got older, he started figuring out ways to make it (the item) better," said Michael Brady, Aidan's dad.

Taking apart and putting together things eventually led Aidan to deconstructing, then constructing computer software.

Among his many accomplishments, Aiden has created a vocabulary app called "Wordzie", a game for helping students study SAT vocabulary.

"You're able to build your own vocabulary, and by doing it you're able to play against someone," said Aiden.

Playing the game, is "like a competitive study group", according to Aidan.

He spent both his Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks on the project, a total of about 50 hours.

"Wordzie" is now available in the Apple App store for $1.


On his website, AidanCBrady.com, he's put information on his many projects, including his current work designing and developing an app for the Sandy Springs Conservatory, which might eventually include the National Park Service.

There's also Mekanism, a Minecraft mod he created to help enhance the experience of playing the game.

Microsoft, which owns Minecraft, apparently heard about Aidan, because they contacted him by email.

Brady admits that he first thought it was spam or a prank. He told his mom, "Microsoft just asked me to come out to San Francisco speak at their build conference." When she checked into it, she found the email was legitimate.

The entire family went with him to San Francisco for the Microsoft Build Conference at the end of April.

"I was blown away. I was so excited, I love San Francisco, first of all, but being able to speak at Microsoft -- that's crazy," said Aidan.

One of his idols, Microsoft Chief Evangelist Stephen Guggenheim, introduced Aidan for the keynote address.

While he admits he was nervous during rehearsals, Brady was completely comfortable during the speech.

"It's like going to church. It's my people. They know what I'm talking about. It was fun. I'd totally do it again," said Aidan Brady.

Best of all, he'll be heading to Microsoft headquarters during the summer.

"They also offered me an internship there this summer out there in Seattle that I'm definitely going to be taking them up on," said Aidan.

It's another step toward the future he has dreamed of since he was a little boy taking apart things around the house.

"My dream would be to manage a company like that. Work for Apple or Microsoft to get come experience, but ultimately to get more into the business administration side of things," said Aidan Brady.